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   Standard DS-1® Fourth Edition Sponsorship

Over the past twenty years, the Standard DS-1® has evolved from a simple drill stem inspection standard to the global reference for manufacture, design and inspection of drill strings. The Fourth Edition, slated for publication in early 2012, will further expand DS-1 to incorporate an additional volume dedicated to specialty tools, and offer significant updates for the existing volumes. As drilling technology changes, T H Hill is committed to providing the best in technical standards to service the industry. We are currently seeking other industry leaders to be a part of the DS-1 Fourth Edition sponsorship group and guide the content of the Standard.

What are the obligations as a Sponsor?

Remit the sponsorship fee and participate in the Steering Committee meetings. You will also review the proposed content and drafts.

What are the benefits of sponsoring DS-1 Fourth Edition?

Each sponsor receives:

  • A seat on the Steering Committee which oversees development of the standard.
  • One hundred volumes of the standard
  • 15% discount for public training courses for DS-1 Fourth Edition.
  • Discounted price on purchase of additional volumes
  • Prominent recognition at the front of each volume

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Major enhancements for Standard DS-1 Fourth Edition:

  • Volume 1:
    • Align DS-1 Standard Level requirements with API Specifications 7-1 and 7-2 including addition of HWDP and stabilizers.
    • Add section on hardbanding including material selection, geometry and application.
  • Volume 2:
    • Incorporate Connection Fatigue Index ("CFI") for drill collar connection selection based on relative fatigue performance. (IADC/SPE 112105)
    • Add section on Landing String Design.
    • Add dimensional and load capacities for new NWDP, TWDP and proprietary connections.
  • Volume 3:
    • New procedures to cover hardbanding (re-application and inspection) and tool joint build up.
    • Expand dimensional and visual inspection procedures for new proprietary connections.
    • Move seven procedures covering Specialty Tools to Volume 4.
  • Volume 4:
    • Add Volume 4 to DS-1 to address the unique requirements for qualification of specialty tools.
    • Incorporate Standard STC-1 and portions of DS-1 Third Edition Volume 3 to establish requirements for design, inspection, assembly, function testing, shipment and use of specialty tools.
    • Provide requirements for qualification of selected tool families.

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