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   Advanced Fatigue Mitigation Techniques

CFatSM Fatigue Analysis & Monitoring Services

T H Hill's CFat services are based on the innovative fatigue design approaches we developed for the Third Edition of Standard DS-1®. Through application of our proprietary tools for understanding and analyzing fatigue in drill strings, T H Hill can optimize design in the planning stages, monitor drill string fatigue while drilling, and use hindcasting to analyze fatigue failures.

- In the planning stages, T H Hill can help you:

  • Quantitatively compare the fatigue performance of drill string design options and tell you not only which alternative is better, but also how much better for mitigation of fatigue damage
  • Evaluate the fatigue damage that alternative trajectory options will impart on a specific drill string- allowing you to choose the best option for fatigue performance.

For an example of how CFat services work in the planning phase, click here.

- While drilling, we can help you:

  • Monitor fatigue accumulation on a joint-by-joint basis and recommend pipe rotation strategies to balance fatigue damage across all joints taking into account the next set of operations or new hole section.
  • Analyze accumulated damage points for the string to set inspection frequency for the drill string

For an example of the application of CFat services during drilling operations, click here.

- We can also apply CFat analysis techniques to the analysis of fatigue failures. For a failure analysis example, click here.