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   About Us

T H Hill was founded by Tom Hill in 1980 and is based in Houston, Texas. We offer engineering, quality assurance and training solutions designed to reduce the risk of structural & mechanical failure for downhole drilling equipment for oil & gas projects around the world. We created the global drill string inspection & design standard, DS-1®, under the sponsorship of more than 40 operator and service companies, and maintain a dedicated effort to the development of innovative standards and technology for the drilling sector of the industry. Additionally, we have worked in more than forty countries in every major drilling region of the world, so we have the global experience to support you wherever you may be operating.

The T H Hill Mission

We are committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative solutions across all of our service lines. Sometimes this means changing with the industry. Sometimes it means changing the industry. In either case, we look to you for direction. We know the only way to maintain the leadership role we have assumed is to continually respond to the needs of our clients. Whether this means changing our existing services or developing new ones, we will constantly evolve to address the challenges that you face as you drill that next well. We have held this position for the last quarter century, and pledge to maintain it for the next.